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Beach Ball Dahlia Collection

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  • Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Zone: 3 to 10* (Lift in fall if you live in Zones 3 to 7)
  • Bloom Time: Late Summer
  • Height: 3-5'
  • Soil Requirement: Well drained
  • Deer Resistant

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  • Availability: Out of Stock

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Currently Unavailable

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Giant Blooms with Rounded Form!

Fashionably Late Flowers Until Frost
Dahlias are the queens of the late-summer garden, producing showy blooms in a wide variety of colours, forms and sizes. This is great news for gardeners who are always looking for something different to add to their collection. Our Beach Ball Dahlia Collection offers exciting globe-shaped flowers that will "round out" your garden like never before! Like most dahlias, these varieties will thrive in well-drained soil and sun or partial shade. And their bushy habit makes them perfect for filling in gaps or creating a full-coverage privacy hedge.

A Pinch Bigger than the Rest
For the largest exhibition blooms possible, pinch the side shoots of your dahlias as they grow. This will allow the remaining flowers to receive more of the plant's food and energy. For slightly smaller blooms in higher numbers, leave the side shoots alone.

Have a Ball with Big Blooms till Late Fall!
We'll ship your dahlias in the spring, at the perfect time for planting in your area. All you need to succeed is a sunny place (at least a half day of full sun) with well-drained soil. Then just keep your dahlias watered if rain doesn't do the job. Your dahlias will thrive and bloom profusely all season long. When frost lingers on the ground, you can lift your dahlia clumps for winter storage. In spring, divide the multiplying tubers for additional plantings, or share them with your envious neighbours and friends!

Close out the growing season with prize-worthy dahlias in a variety of playful colours. Our new Beach Ball Dahlia Collection includes five stunning varieties, each capable of producing showpiece-size, 8–10" flowers with petals that bend back toward the stem. This unusual rounded shape makes them even more eye-catching in the garden.

This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties:

  • Vassio Meggos: Sweet lavender-pink variety is a vigorous sport of the much darker red Spartacus. Blooms can reach 10" across. Plants grow 4–5' tall.

  • Spartacus: This red is sure to win blue ribbons at the fair. Crimson, orb-shaped flowers are slightly darker in the centres. Blooms can reach 10" across. Plants grow 4–5' tall.

  • Lady Liberty: Pristine white that's worth the wait! This late bloomer will catch the eye amid nature's warmer autumn hues. Blooms can reach 8–10" across. Plants grow 4' tall.

  • Tartan: Without a doubt, our favourite dahlia! Rich burgundy petals are striped with thick bands of snowy white. Blooms can reach 8" across. Plants grow 3–4' tall.

  • Lady Darlene: Showy flowers feature multiple shades of yellow splashed with flames of red on the tips and midribs. Blooms can reach 8–9" across. Plants grow 3–4' tall.

  • Product Details
    • Botanical Name Dahlia
    • Form Perennial (tuber)
    • Hardiness Zone 3-10
    • Lift in Fall 3- 7
    • Flowering Time Mid Summer, Late Summer, Fall
    • Light Requirements Full Sun, Partial Shade
    • Flower Color Collection of 5 varieties with white, deep red, lavender pink, deep red with white and yellow with red flowers
    • Flower Form 8-10" fully double, ball-shaped flowers. When the side buds are not pinched, flowers grow a bit smaller.
    • Foliage Type Mid green, pinnate leaves with ovate leaflets
    • Growth Rate Medium
    • Zones 3 to 10* (Lift in fall if you live in Zones 3 to 7)
    • Height/Habit 3-5'
    • Spread 24 inches
    • Planting Instructions Loosen soil well before planting. Dahlias respond dramatically to feeding, so we advise to enrich the soil with compost or well-rotted manure and then apply some fertilizer at time of planting. Plant the tuber with the potato-like roots facing down with 2" of soil on top of the tuber. Water well after planting.
    • Soil Requirements Well drained
    • Will Tolerate Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
    • Pruning Remove spent flower heads to encourage more blooms and maintain a neat appearance.
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