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Wow!® King-Size Hellebore Collections (4)

Wow!® King-Size HELLEBORES Wow!® King-Size HELLEBORES

Its not often a plant cultivar comes along that redefines its entire genus. So, it’s not surprising that “wow” is the first word we thought of to describe these incredible king-size hellebores. The result of over 50 years of careful breeding work, their height and flower size are unmatched by any other-making them even more eye-catching as they hover over the late-winter landscape.

Wow! Hellebores: A cut above the rest

  • Blooms measure 4" across—up to twice the size of traditional hellebores
  • Taller, stronger stems are at least 2' tall
  • Upright blooms can be enjoyed from above
  • Available in single and double varieties
  • Exclusive to Breck’s
  • Double-Flowered Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    Double-Flowered Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    3 for $59.97 $29.99
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  • Single-Flowered Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    Single-Flowered Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    4 for $71.96 $29.99
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  • Magnificent Seven Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    Magnificent Seven Wow!® Hellebore Collection
    7 for $131.93 $54.99
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Expires: June 15, 2018.

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