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Ultimate Iris Collections (5)

  • Twice as Nice Reblooming Iris Collection
    Twice as Nice Reblooming Iris Collection
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  • Renowned Batik Iris Collection
    Renowned Batik Iris Collection
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    Rainbow Iris Collection
    Rainbow Iris Collection
    A Rainbow of Colourful Iris at Unbeatable Savings! Did you know that iris is the Greek word for rainbow? It's true! And since there are seven essential colours that comprise a rainbow, it's only fitting that our Rainbow Iris Collection brings you seven exceptionally colourful varieties. Colourful and Carefree! you can plant—and also some of the easiest to grow! In late summer or early fall, simply plant your rhizomes 24" apart in sun-soaked or partly shaded, well-drained soil. Then, get set to watch a kaleidoscope of hues burst forth in mid to late spring. Once planted, your bearded irises will be remarkably self-sufficient, giving you a bounty of fuss-free beauty. Winter hardy in zones 4−9, irises multiply annually and will return year after year with greater abundance and more colour intensity. A Cut Above the Rest Irises are not only must-haves in the garden, they make long-lasting cut flowers, too! For the best bouquets, cut your irises early in the day when the buds are just opening. Place them in a bucket of tepid water, and re-cut the stems one inch higher, at an angle, keeping the stems under water as you cut. No matter how you enjoy your irises, one thing is for sure—you will not be disappointed when you order from Breck's! Iris Anatomy 101 With literally thousands of tall bearded iris varieties in the world, it helps to identify these beautiful blossoms by their three main parts: Standards— The three upper iris petals that stand at attention, curving to meet each other at their highest point. Standards can be ruffled or lacy, solid or multi-coloured. Beards— The fuzzy flower accents that look like colourful caterpillars! Beards not only give the bearded iris its name, they help guide pollinators to the treasure trove of nectar inside. Falls— Often a contrasting colour to the standards, the falls consist of three downward curving petals that highlight the beards and complete the distinctive iris look! Haft— The top part of the falls, where it connects to the rest of the flower. Hafts often have special markings not seen on the rest of the flower. This collection includes one each of the following varieties: Redneck Girl: A triumph of colour! Velvet brick-red falls flare, while the claret standards add vibrancy. The blue beards are the finishing touch! Grows 36" tall. Double Ringer: Primarily pearlescent white with a distinctive double border of white and yellow around the falls. Burgundy streaks and tangerine beards add to the splendour! Grows 36–40" tall. Florentine Silk: Thanks to its rare blue-and-pink colour combo, broad form and plenty of ruffled blooms, this superior iris was awarded the prestigious Dykes Medal in 2012. Grows 40" tall. Twist of Sheree: Drink in the incredible contrast of deep, heavily saturated purple-red falls and bright white standards edged in a slightly lavender hue. This iris produces 7−9 beautiful blooms per stem. Grows 29" tall. Blueberry Bliss: Crisp colour and a plump, ruffled form combine in one delicious iris! You'll be astonished by its impressive 6½" flowers and vibrant navy blue hue. Grows 40" tall. Wild Irish Rose: Its flowers are small but lovely with intensely hued, orchidpink blooms accented by vibrant orange beards. Prepare to be dazzled when 8–10 double-socketed buds open late in the bloom season. Grows 33" tall. Savannah Sunset: The orangest orange we've ever seen in an iris bloom. And you'll get plenty of them! Expect 8–10 double- and triplesocketed buds that produce blooms for three full weeks. Grows 38" tall. more
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  • Dwarf Bearded Iris Collection
    Dwarf Bearded Iris Collection
    6 for $78.94 $29.99
  • Breck's Iris Lovers All-Natural Iris Food
    Breck's Iris Lovers All-Natural Iris Food
    1 for $6.99

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