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These daffodils have mid-size blooms, very short cups and a sweet fragrance. They produce many flowers, up to 20 per sturdy stem, and naturalize well when grown in climates with wet winters and dry summers. Tazettas are reliable perennials that return year after year in greater numbers. They provide magnificent drifts of colour when their bulbs are planted in large groups. They are great in beds and borders, near shrubs, beneath deciduous trees and in containers. They are popularly used for forcing indoors and make terrific cut flowers. Try planting them with other perennials, whose foliage will mask the decaying leaves of the earlier-sprouting daffodils.

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  • Geranium Daffodil
    Geranium Daffodil
    5 for $24.99 $10.99
  • Golden Dawn Daffodil
    Golden Dawn Daffodil
    10 for $26.99 $12.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Avalanche Daffodil
    Avalanche Daffodil
    Award-winning tazetta type creates a floral display like no other. Avalanche truly lives up to its name by bea... more
    5 for $24.99 $11.99
  • Aspasia Daffodil
    Aspasia Daffodil
    5 for $28.99 $14.49
  • Canaliculatus Daffodil
    Canaliculatus Daffodil
    10 for $26.99 $6.69
  • Late Spring Flowering Daffodil Mixture
    Late Spring Flowering Daffodil Mixture
  • Falconet Daffodil
    Falconet Daffodil
    10 for $27.99 $6.99

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