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Spring Shipping Products (706)

The following items are out of season and only ship in the spring. Please feel free to browse our selection and Sign Up for our Newsletter to be notified when these products are available for next season! Or, call us at (513) 354-1511 for help.

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  • Decorative Dahlia Mixture
    Decorative Dahlia Mixture
    5 for $42.99 $26.99
  • Deluxe Dutch Glads Mixture
    Deluxe Dutch Glads Mixture
    25 for $28.99 $19.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Fire King Crocosmia
    Fire King Crocosmia
    Fiery flowers that command attention. Gracefully arching stems bear a multitude of tubular orange florets that mature to an intense red. Attractive sword-shaped foliage. Gather loads for unique indoor arrangements. Crocosmia crocosmiiflora more
    12 for $18.99 $11.99
  • Emperor Dahlia
    Emperor Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $15.99
  • Picotee Begonia Mixture
    Picotee Begonia Mixture
    5 for $45.99 $28.99
  • Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock
    Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock
    2 for $26.99 $17.99
  • Orange Glory Flower
    Orange Glory Flower
  • Hardy Geranium Mixture Super Sak®
    Hardy Geranium Mixture Super Sak®
  • Hosta Mixture Super Sak®
    Hosta Mixture Super Sak®
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