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Eye-catchy to tranquil, beds to borders, our spring collections feature the most wonderful and well suited plant varieties for all your gardening pursuits! Expect nothing but the most breathtaking results from these prolific plants. Our lineup includes some of the world's most sought as well as refreshingly new varieties. Check it out right now.

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  • Everblooming Hardy Double Geranium Collection
    Everblooming Hardy Double Geranium Collection
    3 for $40.97 $19.99
  • Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
    Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
    3 for $35.99 $24.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Daisy Aster Collection
    Daisy Aster Collection
    Our specially selected aster varieties have been tested thoroughly to be top performers. Truly low maintenance, these compact cultivars do not require staking. Simply plant as desired and prepare to enjoy the complementary colours well into fall. Only Breck's offers you these vibrant, top-quality Daisy Aster varieties at such an amazing value. Conveniently compact and incredibly adaptable, each variety performs well in conditions ranging from full sun to partial shade. You can even transform these Daisy Asters into a densely flowered ground cover. Breck's Daisy Aster Collection is truly special! No matter where you choose to plant them, we are sure you'll agree there is no better or more beautiful way to extend your gardening season. Butterflies Love Them! Our special Daisy Aster Collection features bright, colourful varieties that boast large, fluffy floral displays. From late August through October, you will be treated to fantastic fall blooms. You'll also be delighted with an added bonus as the asters' sweet nectar attracts an array of beautiful butterflies to your garden. Daisy asters bloom from late summer to frost! In recent years, asters have grown in popularity to join garden mums and fall pansies as important staples of late-summer and fall gardens. Along with stunning visual appeal, asters provide incredible versatility to gardeners looking to add beautifully unique accents to containers, borders, mass plantings and more. Breck's ® Daisy Aster Collection includes two each of five lovely, long-lasting varieties—all offering superb colours throughout late summer and fall. This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties: Anneke:- Elegant purple-red blooms add a rich, extravagant accent wherever you choose to plant them. Kristina:- Delicate white flowers with eye-catching appeal. The simple, understated beauty of white has never looked so good. Marjorie:- A pretty treasure bearing pink petals—perfect to perk up beds, borders or containers. Blue Lagoon:- Bright blue blossoms capture the subtle shades of the sea for a truly dazzling floral display. Zwergenhimmel:- Light blue-violet blooms add a soft touch, balancing the strong colours of the rest of the collection. You'll delight as its colour deepens throughout the season.more
    10 for $59.95 $29.99
  • Classic Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
    Classic Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
    10 for $79.95 $29.99
  • Hanging Basket Begonia Collection
    Hanging Basket Begonia Collection
    10 for $99.90 $29.99
  • Superba Low Growing Double Begonia Collection
    Superba Low Growing Double Begonia Collection
    12 for $75.96 $29.99
  • Fragrant Rose Garden Collections-3 Plants
    Fragrant Rose Garden Collections-3 Plants
    1 for $89.97 $54.99
  • Mini Mouse Hostas
    Mini Mouse Hostas
  • Fragrant Moonlight Garden Collection
    Fragrant Moonlight Garden Collection
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