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  • Daisy Aster Collection
    Daisy Aster Collection
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  • Hardy Fern Collection
    Hardy Fern Collection
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    Glamini<sup>®</sup> Gladiolus Collection
    Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    Breck's ® is proud to present the greatest advance in the breeding of gladiolus in over a century of cultivation. For years, hybridizers the world over tried in vain to create a true dwarf gladiolus. It wasn't until very recently that the horticulturists of the For Ever Cooperative Breeders' Association in the Netherlands had a major breakthrough—a new gladiolus that was a mere 20" tall, less than half the height of an ordinary glad. Yet this short plant produces full-size blooms! And not just a few, but up to 20 per bulb! Earlier. Longer Lasting. More! While half the height of other glads, Glaminis are also their superior. Strong, windproof stems support up to 10 blooms each. What's more, each bulb produces up to 2 flower spikes blooming in succession. The result is up to 20 blooms per plant and continuous bloom for 18 days or more! You get to enjoy them sooner, too, since Glaminis bloom 10-15 days earlier than ordinary glads. Use Glaminis almost anywhere for a breathtaking effect. Glaminis are highly pest-resistant and will grow and bloom happily in full sun or partial shade. Use them in the middle or fronts of borders and beds. They also do exceptionally well in patio containers—or even window boxes where viewing their rich cascades of 3-4" flowers up close is a special pleasure. Glaminis are also splendid in your vase. Easy Care Simply plant 3" deep in sun or partial shade and space 3-4" apart. Glaminis can be lifted approximately 8-10 weeks after flowering. Dry the bulbs and let them overwinter in a cool, dark, frost-free location. This collection includes 10 each of the following varieties. Molly —Eye-catching crimson throats on dreamy cream blooms. Quite stunning in a cut bouquet. Verdi —Fuchsia-pink blends to pristine white on each perfectly pastel bloom. Adds elegance to borders and containers. Jenny —Brilliant orange blooms, quite unusual for a glad. A pop of red in each centre completes this hard-to-find colour combination. Sammy —Lovely lavender with a darker purple ring around the throat that creates added dimension to each full-size bloom. Patty —Makes a summer statement in vivid red. White stripes on the throats provide a modern twist on a classic.more
    1 for $64.95
  • Everblooming Hardy Double Geranium Collection
    Everblooming Hardy Double Geranium Collection
    1 for $40.97 $9.99
  • Iceland Poppy Collection
    Iceland Poppy Collection
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  • Double Helleborus Wedding Party Collection
    Double Helleborus Wedding Party Collection
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    1 for $99.96 $29.99
  • Honeymoon Helleborus Collection
    Honeymoon Helleborus Collection
    1 for $95.96
  • Black Star™ Asiatic Lily Collection
    Black Star Asiatic Lily Collection
    1 for $64.95
  • Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
    Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
    1 for $34.99
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