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  • Everblooming Hardy Double Geranium Collection
    Everblooming Hardy Double Geranium Collection
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  • Double Helleborus Wedding Party Collection
    Double Helleborus Wedding Party Collection
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    Hardy Fern Collection
    Hardy Fern Collection
    Bring Home the Spirit of the Forest Imagine walking through the cool mists of an ancient forest. Everywhere you turn, beautiful fern fronds glitter with dew drops. You can just feel the peace and stillness flowing into your soul. Breck's ® Hardy Fern Collection includes a pleasing mix of hues, sizes and forms that will bring cool and airy elegance to any shady location spring through fall. Versatile and hardy, these premium ferns are essential elements for your garden design. Ferns add a lush, inviting element to your existing shade garden. Plant them with bleeding hearts, astilbes, helleborus and hostas to create drama and add a pop of colour to shady areas! Just Perfect for... •Shady borders. •Along foundations or walls. •Beside streams and ponds. •Marshy, hard-to-grow areas. This collection includes 1 each of the following varieties: Cinnamon Fern: A big, bold fern that forms a large, lacy, circular mound 2-5' tall. In the centre of the bright green fronds are clusters of tall stems covered in a creamy down of spores. Very dark green when they first emerge, these stems gradually mature to a rich cinnamon brown. Osmunda cinnamomea Christmas Fern: Graceful, voluminous evergreen ferns, used by settlers for Christmas decorations, are superb in borders and foundation plantings. Grows 24-36" tall and wide. Polystichum acrostichoides Maiden Hair Fern: Ethereal and delicate, this fern earns its namesake with feathery, circular fronds growing outward in flat fans. Grows 12-26". Adiantum pedatum Lady Fern: Versatile and carefree, lacy fronds up to 30" tall and 12-24" wide create a lush, fluffy form. Superb for cut-flower arrangements. Athyrium filix-femina Tennessee Ostrich Fern: A classic fern loved by the Victorians. Graceful fronds reach 24-36" long and 18" wide. A popular choice for shady areas near foundations and walls. Fine greenery. Anthyrium pynocarpon Sensitive Fern: Named after the observation by early American settlers that this fern's fronds die quickly when first touched by frost. However, they always return next spring. Grows 18-30" tall with a 24-30" spread. Onoclea sensibilis Cold hardy, these ferns return bigger and fuller every spring. Divide them and replant for more beauty throughout your garden! more
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  • Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
    Chinese Ground Orchid Collection
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  • Deluxe Astilbe Collection
    Deluxe Astilbe Collection
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  • Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
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  • Daisy Aster Collection
    Daisy Aster Collection
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  • Black Star™ Asiatic Lily Collection
    Black Star Asiatic Lily Collection
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  • Classic Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
    Classic Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
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