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Shrub rose is not an official class of rose, but rather a way of grouping varieties that don't seem to "fit" anywhere else. These roses are generally very vigorous with an engaging, informal habit. Many modern shrub roses are also grown on their own roots, making them much hardier than grafted roses. They are better able to withstand harsh winter temperatures and can even come back from the roots after the top has completely died back. In the landscape, use them to create a stunning border or hedging, or as accents in the perennial garden. They will provide spectacular colour in the garden and blooms for bouquets with very little maintenance or attention.

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  • Watercolors Home Run® Shrub Rose
    Watercolors Home Run® Shrub Rose
  • Children's Hope™ Shrub Rose
    Children's Hope Shrub Rose
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    Home Run<sup>®</sup> Shrub Rose
    Home Run® Shrub Rose
    Dazzling colour from spring through fall on a plant with little maintenance is hard to find. But this shrub rose hits it out of the park with a continuous supply of bright scarlet, five-petaled blooms on a plant with amazing disease resistance. Dense, dark green foliage, a rounded habit and eye-catching fiery red colour make this a valuable landscape addition – as a specimen accent, at the back of the perennial bed, or as a friendly fence between neighbours. The vigorous bush practically takes care of itself once established. There's no need for deadheading – spent blooms fall cleanly, so the plant always looks fresh. Rosa 'WEKcisbako' PP18552 Reserve now! This limited quantity web only rose ships in the Spring of 2017. more
  • Easy on the Eyes™ Shrub Rose
    Easy on the Eyes Shrub Rose
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  • Pillow Fight™ Shrub Rose
    Pillow Fight Shrub Rose
  • Top Gun™ Shrub Rose
    Top Gun Shrub Rose
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  • In Your Eyes™Shrub Rose
    In Your EyesShrub Rose
  •  Outta the Blue™ Shrub Rose
    Outta the Blue Shrub Rose
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  • Pink Home Run® Shrub Rose
    Pink Home Run® Shrub Rose
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