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Prized for their mid winter blooms, our selection of Pink Amaryllis cultivars will liven up those grey days. Excellent container plants, amaryllis are beloved for their tall, stately stems, broad, strap-like foliage and large, colourful 6- to 10-inch blooms. These enormous outward-facing flowers resemble lilies, but have broad, overlapping petals for a unique display. We are pleased to offer a large selection of pink amaryillis, including double-blooming varieties, in shades ranging from white with rose streaking to solid pink. Each sprouting plant is shipped in a beautifully gift-wrapped pot. Bring joy to the holiday season by giving these gorgeous plants as gifts or by using them in your own centrepieces.

When you receive your potted amaryllis bulbs, place them in a warm spot indoors where they'll receive full sunlight. You'll begin to enjoy their blooms in 6 to 8 weeks, at which time you should remove the plant from direct sunlight. Amaryllis prosper outdoors year round in hardiness zones 9 and 10. In cooler climates, they may be placed in the garden in the spring and lifted in fall. These Dutch bulbs grow quickly in well-drained soils, and are happy in most soil types, including sand, loam or clay. Each amaryllis bulb we ship includes full instructions for growing and care, so you can keep your plants blooming for years to come.

Romantic and delightful, pink amaryllis plants make a cheerful greeting in your windowsills or as holiday centrepieces. With the right timing and care, these gorgeous flowers can be forced to bloom in nearly any season, making them a delightfully versatile plant. Add their soft colours to Easter, Christmas or Valentine's Day celebrations. Their prismatic petals blend well with flowers of similar shades, like calla lilies, in cut flower arrangements. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the beauty of pink amaryllis flowers.

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