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Parrot Tulips


These flamboyant, feathery flowers command attention in any garden or bouquet. Big, vibrant blooms spanning up to 5" across have colourful streaks flashing across the incised, frilly petals. Parrot tulips have tall, elegant stems that make them a focal point wherever they are grown. They create the atmosphere of a tropical wonderland filled with birds of brilliant plumage. These easy-to-grow tulips are ideal for adding style and panache to borders and beds, but they also perform equally well in mass plantings and as gorgeous cut flowers. Most other tulips have bloomed and faded by the time parrots open their fringed petals in mid to late spring. They open fully open and flatten out for a spectacular display.

  • White Lizard Tulip
    White Lizard Tulip
    8 for $26.99 $13.49
  • Parrot Tulip Mixture
    Parrot Tulip Mixture
    12 for $25.99 $12.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Victoria's Secret Tulip
    Victoria's Secret Tulip
    Sensuous blooms of the deepest hues. Each bloom opens to reveal a blue-flushed eye that winks and flirts throu... more
    8 for $26.99 $13.49
  • Golden Lizard Tulip
    Golden Lizard Tulip
    8 for $24.99 $12.49
  • Rainbow Parrot Tulip
    Rainbow Parrot Tulip
    10 for $34.99 $14.99

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