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Large Cupped


There are many reasons why large-cupped daffodils make up one of the most popular daffodil groups. They are excellent naturalizers and reliable perennials that return year after year in greater numbers. They are available in an array of hues and produce generally large flowers. A bloom's cup, or corona, can be trumpet shaped, ruffled or flat. Large-cupped daffodils provide magnificent drifts of colour when their bulbs are planted in large groups. These spring bloomers are great in beds, borders, rock gardens, woodland areas, containers, and they make ideal cut flowers. A daffodil is deemed to be large cupped if its corona length is more than one-third but less than equal to the length of its outer ring of petals, or perianth.

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  • Fortissimo Daffodil
    Fortissimo Daffodil
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  • Ice Follies Daffodil
    Ice Follies Daffodil
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    Riot Daffodil
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    Carlton Daffodil
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    Juanita Daffodil
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    Salome Daffodil
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    Red Devon Daffodil
  • Soestdijk Daffodil
    Soestdijk Daffodil
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  • Roulette Daffodil
    Roulette Daffodil
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