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Houseplants are well worth the small amount of effort needed to maintain most varieties, offering many benefits besides their considerable ornamental beauty. Adding plants to indoor spaces increases oxygen levels, which freshens indoor air and helps people to breathe easier. Plants absorb our exhaled carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Houseplants also remove large amounts of toxic substances from the air--including the volatile organic compounds benzene and trichloroethylene--and use microorganisms in the soil to convert VOCs to plant food. They also increase the humidity of the surrounding air by giving off water vapor during photosynthesis and respiration. This reduces the frequency of sore throats and dry skin. The presence of houseplants also positively affects the human psyche, boosting our mood and creativity, and even making us feel better physically. Be sure to get plants that are appropriate for the growing conditions, such as low-light situations.

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  • Gold Star Dracaena
    Gold Star Dracaena
  • Petra Croton
    Petra Croton
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Victoria Bird's Nest Fern
    Victoria Bird's Nest Fern
    Large, ruffled fronds emerge from a central crown. This fanciful fern has a unique shape that draws you in for a closer look. Its central rosette, or crown, is surrounded by lush green fronds, each one crimped beautifully around the edges. Often found growing naturally on tropical tree trunks, Victoria requires moderate humidity and adequate drainage to thrive indoors. Acts as a natural air purifier and is nontoxic to pets. Asplenium antiquum 'Victoria' more
  • Rattlesnake Plant
    Rattlesnake Plant
  • Parlour Palm
    Parlour Palm
  • Dutch Pink Anthurium
    Dutch Pink Anthurium
  • Lipstick Plant
    Lipstick Plant
  • Key Lime Tree
    Key Lime Tree
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  • Meyer Lemon Tree
    Meyer Lemon Tree
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