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  • Pecher Peony (Aka 'Noemie Demay')
    Pecher Peony (Aka 'Noemie Demay')
    1 for $28.99 $12.99
  • Alba Plena Peony
    Alba Plena Peony
    1 for $37.99 $16.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Francois Ortegat Peony
    Francois Ortegat Peony
    A breathtaking, deep purple-crimson peony that dates to 1850—a true heirloom! The 5" double flowers, often described as semi-roses, have golden stamens for an extra dash of colour. Softly fragrant, strong stems and beautiful foliage. Paeonia lactiflora more
    1 for $28.99 $13.99
  • Rosabella Peony
    Rosabella Peony
    1 for $28.99 $12.99
  • Avalanche Peony
    Avalanche Peony
    1 for $35.99 $14.99
  • Mme Calot Peony
    Mme Calot Peony
    1 for $28.99 $13.99
  • Marie Lemoine Peony
    Marie Lemoine Peony
    1 for $28.99 $13.99
  • Mutabilis Plena Peony
    Mutabilis Plena Peony
    1 for $28.99 $11.99
  • Edulis Superba Peony
    Edulis Superba Peony
    1 for $24.99 $9.99

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