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Heirloom Varieties


Say hello to some old souls! Our collection of heirloom plants features varieties that have been beautifying our gardens and enthralling our people for generations. These timeless beauties are a surefire way of adding interest to your garden and charming all onlookers. Plenty of options for different growing conditions and garden styles.

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  • Rose of May Daffodil
    Rose of May Daffodil
    5 for $22.99 $11.49
  • Original Poet's Daffodil
    Original Poet's Daffodil
    5 for $21.99 $5.49
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Double Campernelle Daffodil
    Double Campernelle Daffodil
    Double form creates roselike elegance. A fragrant double that can be traced back to 1601, though not official... more
    10 for $19.99 $9.99
  • Mount Hood Daffodil
    Mount Hood Daffodil
  • White Lion Daffodil
    White Lion Daffodil
    5 for $22.99 $10.29
  • Early Snowdrops
    Early Snowdrops
  • Early Snow Glories
    Early Snow Glories
  • Double Snowdrops
    Double Snowdrops
  • Lavender Mountain Lilies
    Lavender Mountain Lilies
    20 for $19.99 $7.99
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