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  • WOW® Perennial Tulip Collection
    WOW® Perennial Tulip Collection
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  • Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection
    Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection
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    Pink Daffodil Collection
    Pink Daffodil Collection
    An elegant, feminine touch! An Unusual Surprise! A new colour in your gardening palette! We'd like to think that our Pink Daffodil Collection is all of the above! Pink daffodils have been cultivated for some time, yet obtaining a complete set of the best varieties has never been easy—until now. This year Breck's ® growers in Holland have reserved a quantity of five of the most coveted pink daffodils currently grown—including award winners recognized as exemplary by the horticultural societies of Holland and Great Britain. All five of these charming and delightful daffodils, plus a special free gift, can be yours for the asking through our Pink Daffodil Collection. Blooming from early to late spring, this collection allows you to add new interest and perhaps a touch of whimsy to any sunny or partially shaded spot in your garden. Pink daffodils are often placed among fragrant, pastel hyacinths or right next to contrasting yellow daffodil varieties for maximum impact. The varieties included with Breck's Pink Daffodil Collection bloom on sturdy 16–18" stems, The perfume of these specimens is divine, and the colourful blooms last a long time, making them perfect for front borders and an optimal choice for cut-flower arrangements and bouquets. If you're a busy gardener (and who isn't these days?, you can rest assured that these superior, vigorous bulbs require little care. Simply plant them, and then enjoy their annual show for years to come. Several of the varieties naturalize well, too, so you can look forward to sublime drifts of pink and white across your yard. This collection includes 5 each of the following varieties: Pink Charm: A must for every garden. The pink-rimmed, soft white cup is surrounded by beautifully formed, overlapping, pure white outer petals. Sensational 3-4" blooms atop 16-18" stalks. The first in our collection to bloom, Pink Charm flowers in early to mid spring. Mon Cherie: Colourfast, 4" flowers feature demure white petals and a large, ruffled, pink cup. Its long blooming period starts in mid spring, and the hardy bulbs naturalize and multiply each year. Accent: The first true pink daffodil ever introduced. In mid spring, snow-white outer petals show off a prominent, funnel-shaped cup that's salmon pink with a frilly rim. Excellent for naturalizing and drift planting. Accent grows 16-18" on sturdy stems. Blooms in mid spring. Romance: One of the most decorated daffodils of them all, Romance has received four Awards of Merit from the U.K.'s Royal Horticultural Society. A unique variety, it sports a short, funnel-shaped, loosely ribbed cup of bright pink with darker flushes. Our preferred use is in borders mixed with other daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. Blooms in mid spring. Reaches 16-18" in height. Pink Radiance ™ : Lush, full 4" blooms are composed of white petals surrounding clusters of shorter pink inner petals. One of the newest, most outstanding double daffodils. A must for every garden! Flowers appear in mid to late spring atop 16-18" stalks and last 15 days or longer! This is one of our favourite varieties for mixed borders, but looks just as nice grouped together. A superb cut flower. Great for bouquets. FREE GIFT! 5 Chromacolor Daffodils: Award-winning Chromacolor is the largest pink daffodil, with nearly 5" blooms atop 18–20" stems. The extra-large, wide corona deepens in colour over the blooming period. A wonderful choice for a focal point or for backs of borders. Blooms in mid spring. These 5 bulbs alone have a catalogue value of $12.99, but they're yours free with each Pink Daffodil collection you order! Please note that the blooms of many pink daffodil varieties start out apricot, yellow or white, then gradually turn pink. Flower colour can also vary depending on weather conditions in a given year. This is perfectly normal. more
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  • Forever Spring™ Tulip Collection
    Forever Spring Tulip Collection
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  • 3 Months of Mixed Daffodils
    3 Months of Mixed Daffodils
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