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These easy-care roses grow only 1–3' high yet can spread twice that and more! Plant them where you want low-growing, low-maintenance colour. They'll fill in quickly to blanket a bank with blooms, create a sensational swath of colour in a perennial bed, edge a path or driveway, or cascade over a wall or out of a hanging basket. Groundcover roses bloom continually throughout the season, covering their long, sprawling canes with eye-catching hues. Colour, size and bloom form of groundcover roses will vary, depending on the variety—some are even delightfully fragrant. The smaller forms are perfect for window boxes and hanging containers, where the canes will spill over the sides. Minimal maintenance is required, so you can also plant them in areas that are hard to reach and enjoy a traffic-stopping floral display from spring through fall!

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  • Rainbow Happy Trails™ Groundcover Rose
    Rainbow Happy Trails Groundcover Rose
  •  Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose
    Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose
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    Sunshine Happy Trails<sup>™</sup> Groundcover Rose
    Sunshine Happy Trails Groundcover Rose
    It took ten years to develop this outstanding groundcover, and the effort was worth the wait! Medium-sized sunny yellow flowers cluster continuously throughout the season, creating a fragrant carpet of colour. The vigorous plant repeats quickly for a constant supply of sunny blooms, lushly accented with glossy, deep green foliage. The golden yellow colour holds exceptionally well through finish, providing nonstop brilliance from spring through fall. A true groundcover rose, Sunshine Happy Trails grows only 4" high, but spreads quickly and repeats often to brighten the front of borders or to highlight pathways. It shines in mixed containers on decks and patios, bringing its fruity perfume as an added bonus. Bring a bit of sunshine to your garden next season with this radiant groundcover, and all your trails will be happy ones! WEKsusacofloc, PPAF more
  • White Meidiland® Groundcover Rose
    White Meidiland® Groundcover Rose
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  • Happy Trails™ Groundcover Rose Duo
    Happy Trails Groundcover Rose Duo
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  • Groundcover Rose Trio
    Groundcover Rose Trio
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  • Exclusive Rose Collection
    Exclusive Rose Collection
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