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Groundcover (22)

Lush and fast growing, Groundcovers are a stunning way to cover bare ground quickly, accent other garden plants, and add interest to landscape features. Groundcover plants are available in a variety of flower and foliage colours as well as growth habits. Your garden comes alive with the dazzling pinks, purples, blues, whites, and golds of flowering groundcover or the variegated greens, creams and reds of foliage plants.

Our groundcovers are easy to grow and most are very low maintenance. They are hardy in a range of zones; check individual varieties to be sure they're a good match for your area. They generally prefer well drained clay, loamy or sandy soil. Most thrive in partial to full sun, though some enjoy full shade. Once established, the plants spread quickly to cover bare spots, accentuate flower bed plantings, and control erosion. Many groundcover plants are planted in the spring and bloom times vary from spring through fall. Even when not blooming, their foliage adds drama and interest anywhere they are placed. Perennial groundcovers require little care and dazzle year after year.

Ground cover plants are a superb choice for erosion control on slopes, berms and banks. They provide more colour and interest than grass and don't require mowing, a challenging task in steeper areas. Shade-loving varieties are perfect under trees, where mowing may damage surface roots. Choose the varieties that are right for your shady places and sunny spots, and give your yard a perfect, polished look.

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  • Hardy Geranium Mixture Super Sak®
    Hardy Geranium Mixture Super Sak®
  • Blue Hill Salvia
    Blue Hill Salvia
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    Grecian Windflowers
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  • Rainbow Ground Cover Collection
    Rainbow Ground Cover Collection
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  •  Electric Blanket  Groundcover Rose
    Electric Blanket Groundcover Rose
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  •  Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose
    Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose
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  • White Meidiland® Groundcover Rose
    White Meidiland® Groundcover Rose
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  • All a'Twitter™ Miniature Rose
    All a'Twitter Miniature Rose
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  • Lily-of-the-Valley
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