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Double Tulips


Double early tulips and double late tulips--early and late refer to their bloom times--have extra petals that make them look very different from traditional, cup-shaped tulips. Double early tulips are swarf types that produce large, bowl-shaped flowers on short, strong stems that withstand early spring's drenching showers. Their dazzling colours look fabulous in beds and borders, and they perform well when forced in pots indoors. Double late tulips are commonly called peony tulips or peony-flowering tulips because their breathtaking, fully double blooms resemble those impressive flowers. They are naturally long lasting, opening for about two weeks--about double the length of most tulips.

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  • WOW Tulip®
    WOW Tulip®
    5 for $35.99 $15.39
  • Charming Beauty Tulip
    Charming Beauty Tulip
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  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Ice Cream Tulip
    Ice Cream Tulip
    Truly one of the most intriguing tulips you'll ever see. White petals are closely mounded against one anot... more
    5 for $35.99 $16.99
  • Angelique Tulip
    Angelique Tulip
    8 for $27.99 $11.99
  • Double Flag Tulip
    Double Flag Tulip
  • Monsella Tulip
    Monsella Tulip
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  • Foxtrot Double Tulip
    Foxtrot Double Tulip
    7 for $29.98
  • Negrita Double Tulip
    Negrita Double Tulip
    7 for $29.98

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