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  • Pink Daffodil Collection
    Pink Daffodil Collection
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  • Three Months of Daffodils
    Three Months of Daffodils
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    Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection
    Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection
    Double the Drama Of all the daffodils that are grown in Holland each year, the 6 magnificent varieties that make up the Breck's ® Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection are unsurpassed. The large, bold double blooms of these luscious Dutch double daffodils will enhance any outdoor setting in early to mid spring, and they are equally stunning when cut for an indoor bouquet. Like other Dutch daffodils, these majestic beauties grow straight and strong, but their colourful, elegant centres will both surprise and delight you when they bloom in your garden next spring. These hardy and beautiful flowers would be the perfect addition to any springtime garden, as well as a dramatic centrepiece of any bouquet. Reserve your collection now! This collection includes 5 bulbs of each variety: Replete- Named 1995 Daffodil of the Year. Blossoms open yellow-orange, but quickly turn a rose-pink with ivory-white petals. This double daffodil will be a cherished addition to any garden. Marvelous scent. Grows 18-20" tall with long-lasting 4" blossoms. Blooms mid spring. Blonde Beauty- Strong 16-18" stems are crowned in early to mid spring with 3-4" golden-yellow blooms. Springtime's deep, luscious greens will provide a stunning background for the radiant glow of this elegant charmer. Tahiti- The brilliant red centres, intermingled with golden yellow, in these 4–4½" blooms make this fragrant beauty a masterpiece of form and colour in early to mid spring. 18-20" stems are perfect for gardens or bouquets. Orangerie- The unique appearance of this split-corona daffodil will embellish even the most handsome garden. Vibrant orange ruffles with a touch of yellow at the edges are interwoven with delicate, white petals. Very fragrant. Hardy, longlasting 4-6" blooms grow on sturdy 18-20" stems in early to mid spring. Flower Drift- These resplendently feminine flowers belong in the upper echelon of all double daffodils! Delicate 4" blooms, with deep orange-red centres amid a flurry of creamy white petals, arrive in early to mid spring on 16-18" stems. Ice King- Ivory-white petals and a fluffy yellow, fully double cup create huge 4-5" blooms atop 16-18" stems in early to mid spring. Truly one of the most striking and unique daffodils ever developed, the Ice King reigns supreme. Winston Churchill- This outstanding double daffodil of English origin is multifloral, with 5-7 flowers on each 16-18" stem. It blooms in mid spring, adding beauty and delicate fragrance to your garden. Excellent for naturalizing. more
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  • Most Fragrant Daffodil Collection
    Most Fragrant Daffodil Collection
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  • Butterfly Daffodil Collection
    Butterfly Daffodil Collection
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