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As the name suggests, climbing roses feature long, flexible canes that can grow up to 20' long. Unlike ivy, climbing roses are not true vines because they don't have the ability to cling to something else for support. Provide your climbing rose with a trellis or pergola, and it will happily scale its heights. Climbing roses can add a new dimension to the landscape. Creating garden interest on multiple levels generates an excitement of colour and movement. If you choose to forgo a trellis, you can still use them to scramble over a crumbling rock wall or conceal a dilapidated fence!

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  • Autumn Sunset® Climbing Rose
    Autumn Sunset® Climbing Rose
  • Fourth of July™ Climbing Rose
    Fourth of July Climbing Rose
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Candy Land Climbing Rose
    Candy Land Climbing Rose
    Just imagine sizable Hybrid-Tea-shaped blossoms carried in huge clusters on a very showy Climber that reblooms readily in the very first season. Now add a color that gives 'eye candy' a whole new meaning with swirls of impetuous pink spun with creamy ivory yellow. Top it all off with some of the most glorious gorgeous glossy foliage in rosedom – lush, clean & apple-green. Vigorous, hardy & easy-to-grow. One of our very best hybrids.more
  • Purple Splash™ Climbing Rose
    Purple Splash Climbing Rose
  • Above All™ Climbing Rose
    Above All Climbing Rose
  • Don Juan Climbing Rose
    Don Juan Climbing Rose
  • Lady in Red Climbing Rose
    Lady in Red Climbing Rose
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  • Cupid's Kisses™ Climbing Rose
    Cupid's Kisses Climbing Rose
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  • Tropical Lightning™ Climbing Rose
    Tropical Lightning Climbing Rose
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