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  • Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    50 for $56.65 $29.99
  • A Tenacious Little Hot Poker Collection
    A Tenacious Little Hot Poker Collection
    3 for $50.97 $24.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Full Spectrum Dahlia Collection
    Full Spectrum Dahlia Collection
    Splendid Splashes of Long-Lasting Colour Plentiful, Richly Hued Blooms till Late Fall! We'll ship your dahlias in the spring, at the perfect time for planting in your area. All you need to succeed is a sunny place (at least a half day of full sun) with well-drained soil. Then just keep your dahlias watered if rain doesn't do the job. Your dahlias will thrive and bloom profusely all season long. When frost lingers on the ground, you can lift your dahlia clumps for winter storage. In spring, divide the multiplying tubers for additional plantings, or share them with your envious neighbours and friends! It's hard to imagine a flower putting on a more spectacular show to close out the growing season than the dahlia. Our extraordinary, new Full Spectrum Dahlia Collection will fill your garden with big, uniquely coloured flowers from summer until the first frost. The five hand selected varieties in this collection will continually produce vivid, eye-catching blooms measuring up to 8" across that will be the envy of your neighbourhood! This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties: X Factor : Bicoloured blooms reach up to a whopping 8" across! Velvety, deep red petals are adorned with bright white tips. A stunning addition to any garden, border or bouquet. Easy to grow and draws butterflies, too. Plants grow 40" tall. Gallery Pablo : 4" blooms are a pretty mix of melon-yellow and salmon-orange. Prolific bloomer even during hot spells. Compact size makes it excellent for borders and containers. Require no pinching to stay neat. Plants grow 14" tall. Karma Lagoon ® : Majestic, purpleblue flowers grow to a big 5½" in diameter. Spherical, fully double blooms rest atop strong stems and nice foliage. Remove spent flower heads to encourage more blooms. Plants grow 32" tall. Burlesque : While most of its 4" flowers will have a base of red petals with white-tipped red petals in the centre, some blooms may display a different red-white colour pattern. We think this degree of mystery adds to its appeal! Plants grow 36–42" tall. Lake Ontario : Sunny, large, 4–6" yellow flowers have petals that are edged in red. If you remove the spent flowers, you'll get blooms all summer and fall. Great in a border or vase. Butterflies find them alluring. Plants grow 36–42" tall. more
    10 for $79.95 $29.99
  • Bee Balm Collection
    Bee Balm Collection
    10 for $66.60 $29.99
  • Siberian Iris Collection
    Siberian Iris Collection
    5 for $63.95 $29.99
  • Superba Low Growing Begonia Collection
    Superba Low Growing Begonia Collection
    12 for $75.96 $29.99
  • Daisy Aster Collection
    Daisy Aster Collection
    10 for $59.95 $29.99
  • Tall Phlox Collection
    Tall Phlox Collection
    10 for $64.95 $29.99

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