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  • Garden Mum Collection
    Garden Mum Collection
    6 for $83.94 $29.99
  • Hens and Chicks Collection
    Hens and Chicks Collection
    5 for $99.95 $29.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Foxglove Collection
    Foxglove Collection
    A New Take on Cottage Garden Classics Height Interest Without the Hassle Each variety in our foxglove collection brings something special to the table, and together they create a dynamic display in cottage and woodland gardens. These foxgloves are quick and easy to grow, promising bold vertical interest and frequent visits from butterflies. They make beautiful cut flowers, or if you'd rather leave them in the yard, the fading flowers will self-sow to supply you with a bounty of new foxgloves next year. Digitalis purpurea Foxgloves Steal the Show: Low maintenance Attracts butterflies Multiplies rapidly (self sows) Excellent cut flower Adds vertical interest Deer and rabbit resistant This collection includes 1 each of the following varieties: Polkadot Princess: Vibrant raspberry pink blooms, reaching 23-35" tall. The only variety in the collection that does not selfsow, it's able to produce blooms the first year. Dalmatian Peach: This compact, 22-30" variety features charming soft peach bells dotted inside with tiny orange speckles. Sugar Plum: Set apart by its unique colouration, this bright pink, 30-45" foxglove is heavily speckled with rich, dark purple throats. Candy Mountain: Switch things up with a foxglove whose bells stretch upwards, perfect for showing off their delightfully freckled throats. It reaches up 3-4½' tall, adding vertical interest to the garden display. Dalmatian Purple Improved: Tall, 3-4' stalks with stunning, deep lavender-purple bells, spotted in dark maroon purple. Such a gorgeous variety, it's no surprise this is a Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner! more
    5 for $84.95 $29.99
  • Rainbow Yarrow Collection
    Rainbow Yarrow Collection
    15 for $99.95 $29.99
  • Lifetime Peony Collection
    Lifetime Peony Collection
    5 for $88.95 $29.99
  • Sunny Gaillardia Collection
    Sunny Gaillardia Collection
    6 for $103.94 $29.99
  • Fragrant Carnation Collection
    Fragrant Carnation Collection
    5 for $69.95 $29.99
  • Millennium Delphinium Collection
    Millennium Delphinium Collection
    5 for $99.95 $29.99

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