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With all the varieties of magnificent peonies available, it's meaningful when one is honoured with a prestigious award from a respected horticultural organization. They can recognize peonies for their beauty, ornamental value, appearance in the landscape, reliable performance, pest or disease resistance, or relative ease of care. Here are several award winners that we think you'll enjoy for many years to come.

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  • Angel Cheeks Peony
    Angel Cheeks Peony
  • Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony
    Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony
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  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Coral Sunset Peony
    Coral Sunset Peony
    Award-winning peony pleases in midseason gardens. With its rare shade of coralpink and large, semi-double blooms, Coral Sunset stuns all who gaze upon its midseason splendour. The long-lived plant thrives in well-drained, fertile soil and a sun to partshade site. The flowers are fragrant and grow to 5½" wide and make lovely additions to bouquets and borders. It perennializes well and reliably reappears year after year. It's no wonder Coral Sunset has won multiple awards. Paeonia more
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  • Miss America Peony
    Miss America Peony
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  • Garden Treasure Itoh Peony
    Garden Treasure Itoh Peony
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  • Old Faithful Peony (Aka 'Ole Faithful')
    Old Faithful Peony (Aka 'Ole Faithful')
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  • Do Tell Peony
    Do Tell Peony
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