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Yarrow (8)

Add colour, interest and appeal to your landscaping with Yarrow, a beautiful, drought-resistant summer flower with an uncommon form. Large umbels of tiny, colourful flowers are balanced upon slender, uprights stalks with delicate fernlike leaves. These unique plants come in various hues of red, pink, yellow and white, and many have a pleasing herbal aroma reminiscent of sage. They bloom in midsummer, lending a splash of colour and personality to any outdoor setting.

Low-growing yarrows add colour and character to rock gardens, low borders and sunny flower beds. Taller varieties are perfect for scattering amongst other summer blooming perennials in casual plantings or naturalized areas. Place yarrow plants with spearmint and shasta daisies for a wildflower prairie effect. Beautiful in formal or casual arrangements and fantastic as dried flowers, yarrows also are perfect for the cutting garden.

These flowers' colours and scents attract not only human admirers but butterflies as well. Deep crimson varieties are especially good for attracting butterflies. Yarrow blooms remain bright and appealing for weeks. Deer and rabbits are fortunately not fond of yarrow, so it's a good choice for areas with wildlife visitors. Its ease of care makes it an ideal choice for the busy gardener. Choose a pretty, fragrant yarrow and welcome colour, and maybe even butterflies, to your yard.

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  • Tutti Frutti Yarrow Mixture
    Tutti Frutti Yarrow Mixture
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  • Diadem Double Yarrow
    Diadem Double Yarrow
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    Rainbow Yarrow Mixture
    Rainbow Yarrow Mixture
    Aromatic foliage! Large, flat flower heads in a mixture of vibrant colours last up to 3 months in the garden. Ideal for cutting and drying. Attract beneficial insects and butterflies, yet repel insect pests and animals! Drought tolerant. Achillea millefolium more
  • Red Velvet Yarrow
    Red Velvet Yarrow
    1 for $19.99 $12.99
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  • Yarrow Red Beauty
    Yarrow Red Beauty
    1 for $18.99 $11.99
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  • Noblessa Double Yarrow
    Noblessa Double Yarrow
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  • Summer Pastels Yarrow Mixture
    Summer Pastels Yarrow Mixture
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  • Rainbow Yarrow Collection
    Rainbow Yarrow Collection
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