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  • Blueberry Ripple™ Tulip
    Blueberry Ripple Tulip
    8 for $21.99 $9.99
  • Negrita Tulip
    Negrita Tulip
    12 for $28.99 $19.99
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    Forever Spring<sup>™</sup> Tulip Collection
    Forever Spring Tulip Collection
    Early-Blooming Tall Tulip Breakthrough Ben van der Veldt, directeur of Breck Holland, recalls a time not so long ago when you had to decide whether you wanted a tall tulip or an early-blooming tulip. Those two traits together just didn't exist. But that all changed with Forever Spring ™ Tulips. Bred exclusively for American gardeners, Forever Spring Tulips stand 28-30" tall with gigantic 6" blooms. But unlike most long-stemmed tulips that take weeks to arrive, these majestic tulips begin blooming with early-spring daffodils—a first for tulips of this size. True perennial tulips that will keep coming back for years, these special Darwin Hybrid varieties have one more surprise in store—an extra-long flowering season. When regular long-stemmed tulips emerge, Forever Spring Tulips will still be there to greet them. And for those who think that tulips this tall might bend or "snake", van der Veldt has good news. "The stems are so thick and strong, they stand upright even on a windy day. And the petals are beautifully stubborn, holding firm in wind and rain. We've never seen anything like it." Forever Spring Tulips have gained special recognition in the South for being one of the few tulips that will perennialize well. And because of their extraordinary height and unusually large, colourful blooms, Forever Spring Tulips draw attention no matter where you plant them. They also create tall, elegant cut arrangements. Usher in the springtime with Breck's Forever Spring ™ Tulips — a tulip unlike any other! Early Spring: Forever Spring Tulips begin blooming exceptionally early, along with your favourite daffodils in sunny to partially shaded spots. 2-3 Weeks Later... Mid Spring: When regular long-stemmed tulips begin blooming, Forever Spring Tulips are already there to greet them! These remarkable varieties will continue blooming long after regular tulips fade. Blooms last longer than any other tulip! This collection includes 8 each of the following varieties: •  Life's a Cabernet •  All That Jazz •  Light and Dreamy more
    24 for $38.97 $17.99
  • Strawberry Ice Cream™ Tulip
    Strawberry Ice Cream Tulip
    8 for $25.99 $8.89
  • Wild Blue Heart™ Tulip
    Wild Blue Heart Tulip
    5 for $28.99 $13.99
  • Red Dynasty™ Tulip
    Red Dynasty Tulip
  • Apple Blossom™ Tulip Mixture
    Apple Blossom Tulip Mixture
  • Flag Tulip Mixture
    Flag Tulip Mixture
  • Colour Magic™ Tulip Mixture
    Colour Magic Tulip Mixture
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