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Toad Lilies


Toad lilies are an up-and-coming trend! These sweet shade-lovers blossom in a rainbow of colours, and work well even in dark spots. Add allure to your garden from midsummer to mid autumn with exotically beautiful Toad Lilies. These easy to care for plants sparkle in the shade garden. Waxy, orchid-like blooms feature unique pistils and stamens for an arresting display. You'll find toad lilies in a variety of shades, from dramatic raspberry, to sugary white to butter yellow. There are also bi- and even tri-coloured cultivars. Each toad lily flower is heavily dusted and speckled with candy coloured flecks. At a time when other flowers are going dormant, these hardy long-blooming charmers are just beginning to put on a show.

Toad lilies (Tricyrtis hirta) grow best in zones 5 to 9 and can be planted in either spring or autumn. These gorgeous perennial plants reach a stunning 30 to 32 inches in height and bloom from midsummer to mid-autumn. All toad lilies do best in a well-drained clay, loamy or sandy soil. These shade-loving beauties can handle a variety of light conditions, from deep shade to dappled sun to mild morning sun.

Toad lilies look amazing when paired with hostas, sedums or polianthus to create an exceptional late season shade garden. To create a shade garden that goes from spring into fall, plant ferns, bleeding heart, bluebells, begonias or bugloss so that when the earlier growing season is finished, the toad lily plants and their gay companions are ready to shine. Use toad lilies in mass plantings, shady border gardens, along walkways, under trees or in woodland settings. Toad lily plants can also be container grown and make excellent cut flowers to show off indoors. Create a beautiful shade garden with toad lilies to take your gardening magic through to the end of the fall growing season.

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  • Deluxe Toad Lily Mixture  Super Sak®
    Deluxe Toad Lily Mixture Super Sak®
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  • Toad Lily Mixture
    Toad Lily Mixture
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    Toad Lily Collection
    Toad Lily Collection
    These late bloomers are worth the wait! When it comes to shady spots, ferns and hostas are obvious choices. But neither can offer the unique blooms and exotic colour patterns of Tricyrtis, more commonly known as toad lilies! Just when many summer flowers are winding down for the season, these belated beauties start popping up in unexpected shady places—their spotted petals and rich colours adding interest to the late-summer landscape. Toad lilies are native to woodland areas, but are ideal for shady borders and paths where their 1-2", orchid like blooms can be viewed up close. These low maintenance perennials require no staking or deadheading, and they are not troubled by disease or hungry deer. So find a shady spot and enjoy their speckled splendour each year from late summer to frost! Unexpected and Uncommonly Beautiful! Tricyrtis, or toad lilies, add colour and interest to areas of the garden that are often forgotten. The four varieties we've "spotted" for our Toad Lily Collection feature rich jewel tones in unusual patterns—from mildly mottled to spectacularly speckled! Line your shady borders and pathways with these unique and easy-togrow perennials, and your late-summer landscape will come alive with exotic beauty that lasts for weeks! This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties: Raspberry Mousse A one-of-a-kind toad lily without the traditional toad lily spots! This vigorous grower sports star-shaped, rich redpurple petite blooms. Grows 24" tall. Blue Wonder The best blue toad lily we've found! Cool, star-shaped, spotted blooms look like they were made for shade! Grows 24" tall. Taipei Silk Intricate flowers are more "freckled" than spotted, with blue and purple petals highlighted by a pop of yellow in the centre. Grows 18-24" tall. Golden Festival Our unique yellow variety stands out among blue and purple blooms—and there's hardly a space between its myriad maroon freckles. Grows 18-26" tall.more
    8 for $111.92 $29.99
  • Raspberry Mousse Toad Lily
    Raspberry Mousse Toad Lily
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  • Toad Lily
    Toad Lily
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  • Purple Beauty Toad Lily
    Purple Beauty Toad Lily
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  • Taipei Silk Toad Lily
    Taipei Silk Toad Lily
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  • Golden Festival Toad Lily
    Golden Festival Toad Lily
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