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Phlox (32)

Think big this summer with Tall Phlox. After spring's spectacular bounty, keep your garden lively with these striking giants, which reach a stately 2 to 3 feet tall. Big, brilliant bushels of dainty, five-petaled blooms rest on top of soaring stems and showcase a variety of romantic hues such as pure white, rose, salmon, crimson, violet and rich blue. Some varieties are bi-coloured, with striking dark eyes. Our selection of tall phlox plants will flower throughout the season. Most varieties bloom from the beginning of summer all the way into early fall.

To create the highest and mightiest tall phlox plants, you'll need to plant them in the spring. These plants like plenty of water, so choose a relatively open area where they will be exposed to summer rains. Tall garden phlox thrive in full sunlight or in partially shady areas. These stunning Dutch-sourced perennials are hardy in zones 3 through 9 and thrive in well-drained clay, loamy or sandy soil. When burying your tall phlox plants, certain strains need to be arranged so the top of the plant is even with the level of the soil, while others can be buried about 1 to 2 inches deep.

A North American native wildflower, tall phlox naturalises easily and make a delightful addition to woodland and cottage gardens. Plant them near water features, in fields and along borders for masses of colour. Deliciously scented, phlox are as sweet on the nose as they are on the eyes. They are renowned for their exceptionally fragrant flowers, which make them a favourite for cut flower bouquets. Their long-lasting blooms perform wonderfully outdoors and will attract butterflies and bees all summer long. Consider planting them in back borders among other tall summer flowers such as lilies, gladiolus and dahlias. Stand out this season with Tall Phlox.

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  • North Hill Carpet Phlox
    North Hill Carpet Phlox
    3 for $24.99 $16.99
  • 4th of July Phlox Mixture
    4th of July Phlox Mixture
    3 for $26.99 $9.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Red Wing Carpet Phlox
    Red Wing Carpet Phlox
    Easily spotted from a distance, striking pinkish-red blooms show off deep red centres. This stunning ground cover grows just about anywhere with very little effort. Bright, cheery colour appears quickly in late spring amid the needlelike, semi-evergreen leaves to create a lush carpet, even in poor, dry, sandy soil. Looks fabulous in borders and creeping over rock gardens! When contrasting colours are planted together they create a patchwork of glorious hues that flood your landscape for a breathtaking effect. Phlox subulata more
    3 for $24.99 $7.99
  • Tall Phlox Mixture Super Sak®
    Tall Phlox Mixture Super Sak®
    12 for $59.98 $29.99
  • Tall Hybrid Phlox Mixture Super Sak®
    Tall Hybrid Phlox Mixture Super Sak®
    6 for $59.99 $15.99
  • Blue Emerald Carpet Phlox
    Blue Emerald Carpet Phlox
    3 for $24.99 $16.99
  • Emerald Pink Carpet Phlox
    Emerald Pink Carpet Phlox
    3 for $24.99 $16.99
  • Carpet Phlox Collection
    Carpet Phlox Collection
    6 for $33.96 $19.99
  • Stars and Stripes® Phlox
    Stars and Stripes® Phlox
    1 for $16.99 $9.99
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