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Ah, summer. With the right summer bulb collection, you'll have a riot of colour from deep reds to delicate pinks and bright yellows. They will smell heavenly, especially on those moonlit strolls through your garden. The buzzing of the bees and maybe even a hummingbird or two will be music to your ears. With our beautiful summer bulb collections, it's easy to find a selection that will perfectly compliment your landscape.

The cultivars in our Dutch summer bulb collections are carefully selected to enjoy the same planting conditions, so all you need to consider is the area in which you'll be planting. Choose your collection based on hardiness zone, sun exposure and soil type. Next, consider the type of garden you want. Pastel blooms, feathery textures and sweet fragrances make a lovely cottage garden. Fill a woodland garden with native species, naturalizing plants and shade lovers. Choose elegant, stately blooms for a formal look.

If you have lots of shade or too much sun, look for a collection that caters to those environments. Many gardeners choose a begonia collection for those shady spots, while others like feathery astilbe or a selection of ferns and foliage plants. Full sun and drought tolerant collections are designed for dry areas.

Flower size is another important factor. If you want height, you may want to consider flowers like medium height lilies, tall gladiolas or a mammoth dahlia collection. Vine plants like clematis add even more vertical effect. Low growing flowers like geranium make an excellent filler under taller blooms and can be used as a ground cover in certain areas. Some collections feature a mix of heights for a tiered effect. Create the garden of your dreams quickly and easily with a summer bulb collection.

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  • Spotlight Lily Tree® Collection
    Spotlight Lily Tree® Collection
    5 for $33.30 $19.99
  • Ultimate Lily Tree®Collection
    Ultimate Lily Tree®Collection
    10 for $66.60 $37.99
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    Pollen-Free Double Lily Collection
    Pollen-Free Double Lily Collection
    Twice the Petals, None of the Pollen! Years of careful breeding work has resulted in a class of lilies loved by allergy sufferers and cut-flower enthusiasts alike! Double lilies are pollen free, and offer ornate flower forms you won't find in traditional lily varieties. They will never stain table linens, clothes or even your nose, and they'll last longer in the garden or vase than their pollen-infused friends. The double lilies chosen for this no-mess collection are all Asiatic varieties, great for naturalizing, with tall, stiff stems. What Makes No-Pollen Possible? One of the earliest documented types of floral anomalies, a "double flower" occurs in nature when some (or all) of the plant's reproductive organs are converted into a second row of petals. The unique look of these blooms was intriguing to early gardeners, who eventually began cultivating this irregularity on a regular basis. Like most double blooms, double lilies lack the mechanism to make pollen and, therefore, will never make you sneeze. These sterile lilies won't go to seed, but will still naturalize and return with even more flowers each year. This collection includes 3 each of the following varieties: Spring Pink: Barely pink, semi-double blooms have charming speckles and often feature a thin maroon rim around the petals. Grows 30-36" tall. Double Sensation: Vibrant, semi-double flowers feature a smaller second ring of petals that were once the plant's pollen-producing anthers. Grows 24-26" tall. Must See: This heavily speckled specimen features pale green, white and vivid orange hues, but its prominent colour differs between blooms. It's like getting two lilies in one! Grows 36-40" tall. Elodie: Candy pink, extravagant double blooms are 5-6" across with an extra row of slender, twisted petals that create even more drama. Grows 3-4' tall. more
    12 for $59.36 $29.99
  • Colorful Calla Lily Collection
    Colorful Calla Lily Collection
    1 for $64.95
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  • Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    1 for $64.95
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  • Hardy Amaryllis Collection
    Hardy Amaryllis Collection
    1 for $39.99
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  • Tropical Dwarf Cannas Collection
    Tropical Dwarf Cannas Collection
    10 for $67.95 $29.99
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  • Aristocrat Clematis Collection
    Aristocrat Clematis Collection
    1 for $79.96 $19.99
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  • Kaleidoscope Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
    Kaleidoscope Dinnerplate Dahlia Collection
    10 for $79.95
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