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    U-Supports - Set of 3
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    Distinctive Lifetime Peony Collection
    Distinctive Lifetime Peony Collection
    Enjoy the World's Most Beautiful Peonies Right in Your Own Garden Invest in a Lifetime of Extraordinary Beauty and Fragrance The intoxicating fragrance and sublime beauty of the peony was perfected in the Orient thousands of years ago. Sought after for its massive blooms, sweet-smelling perfume, and undemanding nature, it's no wonder the peony continues to be one of the most universally beloved of all perennials! A Dramatic Springtime Show When spring arrives, bright red peony shoots will emerge from the thawing ground, hinting at spectacular beauty to come. Purple divided leaves push through the soil, adding an eye-catching backdrop to other bright spring blooms such as daffodils and early tulips. As the peony foliage turns green and other spring flowers fade, the real treat begins. Large, rounded buds will slowly unfurl to reveal the treasure inside. Exquisite, immense blooms—irresistible to butterflies and ideal for bouquets—will bring your garden alive, drenching it in vibrant colour and an intoxicating fragrance. Foliage remains green until frost, holding its place in borders, beds and foundation plantings. Serving Gardeners Since 1818 It's our 200th anniversary this year. We can think of no better way to mark our bicentennial than by honouring the legacy of founder Joseph Breck. In doing so, we'll continue to offer only the best flowers, bulbs and gardening products—such as the Distinctive Lifetime Peony Collection. Showcase These Stunning Blooms Each variety included in our Distinctive Lifetime Peony Collection has been specially selected for its enticing aroma, exceptional beauty and nearly indestructible performance. This is your opportunity to showcase these stunning blooms in your garden from late spring to early summer. Each and every one will be a welcome addition to your garden for many decades to come. This collection includes one each of the following varieties: Black Beauty: This striking, nearly black variety is the darkest bush peony ever offered and a hard one to find! Fully double, deep burgundy blooms are highlighted by bright yellow stamens, creating a unique and dramatic look. Garden visitors as well as butterflies and hummingbirds will all love the fragrant, fully double blooms that expand to 7" across. Grows 32" tall with a 24–36" spread. Primevèr: Plump, heavily petaled peonies measure 6–8" across with blush-white guard petals and bright lemon-yellow centres. The guard petals change to white when the flower matures. Moderately fragrant and a profuse bloomer. Dark, rather coarse foliage vegetates quickly and forms an attractive backdrop to the spectacular blooms. Grows 24–36" tall with a 24–36" spread. Kirinmaru: Colourful, ultra-fragrant flowers! Large, fluffy, ball-shaped blooms of white are streaked with raspberry red and grow 5–7" wide. This Japanese gem offers mounds of glossy, deep green ornamental foliage throughout the season. Perfect for borders, entryways and foundations. Sure to beckon masses of fluttering butterflies. Grows 24–28" tall with a 24–36" spread. more
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  • Flower Support Rings - Set of 3
    Flower Support Rings - Set of 3
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  • Bartzella Itoh Peony
    Bartzella Itoh Peony
  • Lifetime Peony Collection
    Lifetime Peony Collection
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