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Other Shade Plants


Don't be afraid of shade; fill those dark, daunting corners of your landscape with cheery selections from our Other Shade Plants catalogue. No part of your yard needs to look barren for lack of sun. This assortment of shade loving plants will grow strong cradled in the shadows of your already existing roses or bushes. Even those woodland trees can have a lush bed of ferns, violets and other shade plants blanketing the ground beneath them.

We offer a large selection of beautiful flowering shade plants for your landscape. Shade loving rose varieties and tall Rodger's flowers make excellent focal points and backdrops, while perennial shade plants like Siberian bugloss, blue-eyed Mary and ground orchids spread quickly to create gorgeous ground covers. Add other shade plants like ferns and hostas to provide lush foliage and textural interest. Choose from a rainbow of hues and paint your shaded areas with an array of glorious colours.

Don't let apartment or city living stand in the way of creating your dream garden. Many shade loving plants are ideal for indoor and container gardens. Urban gardens benefit from plants that add a pop of colour, and container-grown ground orchids or flowering ferns are unexpectedly lovely additions to shaded balconies, patios and porches.

Shade loving plants come in all types, and each have their own requirements. Generally, shade plants can tolerate partial sun, and most do well in well-drained clay, loam or sand. Some, like sea holly, are drought resistant and can tolerate dry shade, while others, like Siberian bugloss, tolerate moist soil and thrive near water features. Hardy in a wide range of climates, the majority of our shade plants will fare well in zones 3 to 8. Check the requirements of individual varieties to find those best suited for your garden type. Choose an assortment of these low-light plants and you'll have it made in the shade.

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  • Dog's Tooth Violet
    Dog's Tooth Violet
    3 for $39.99 $18.99
  • Flowering Fern™
    Flowering Fern
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Misty Blue White Doll's Eyes
    Misty Blue White Doll's Eyes
    Panicles of fluffy white flowers in late spring give way to fascinating white berries held aloft by ruby-red stems in summer. Mounded, blue-green foliage makes a lush backdrop in shady spaces. Attracts pollinators! Actaea pachypoda more
    1 for $59.99 $19.99
  • Silver Heart Siberian Bugloss
    Silver Heart Siberian Bugloss
    1 for $28.99 $13.99
  • Alexander's Great Siberian Bugloss
    Alexander's Great Siberian Bugloss
  • Orange Queen Fairy Wings
    Orange Queen Fairy Wings
    1 for $37.98
  • Monkshood
    3 for $39.98
  • Barfield Pink Lungwort
    Barfield Pink Lungwort
    1 for $35.98
  • Variegata Siberian Bugloss
    Variegata Siberian Bugloss
    1 for $39.98
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