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Our New Arrivals section is your gateway to delightful new variety of garden plants, latest cultivars, unique and exciting spring & summer flowering plants, plus the best of contemporary garden décor and tools. Explore a fabulous assortment of bulbs, from soft pastel crocuses to brilliant Dutch tulips; dramatic irises to cheerful daffodils! Many of our new varieties are exclusive to Breck's and you will not find them at a big box store! Shop our selection of new spring flowering plants and collections to add pizzazz to your spring garden. Our summer dahlias are guaranteed to liven up your summer garden and show endless blooms all summer long. Fall is the best time to shop the most winning new spring bulbs. Be sure to browse our range of new garden décor, featuring pots, planters, feeders and more in fun new shapes and sizes!

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  • Moonlit Water Bearded Iris
    Moonlit Water Bearded Iris
    1 for $21.99 $14.99
  • Before the Storm Bearded Iris
    Before the Storm Bearded Iris
    1 for $21.99 $14.99
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    Most Fragrant Daffodil Collection
    Most Fragrant Daffodil Collection
    Design With Daffodils… We're excited to offer a daffodil collection full of such wonderfully fragrant varieties, but that's not the only thing we love about them! Pretty, Not Tasty It's always frustrating when you find a little critter has stopped by your garden for a midnight snack. If you're trying to make a beautiful display in a garden that's a hotspot for hungry animals, daffodils may be the perfect solution-deer, rabbits and squirrels generally avoid them. Timing is Everything Daffodils are a well known symbol of spring, hope and renewal, because of the way they light up the landscape after winter is finally through. With a daffodil collection, you can enjoy this effect for even longer, which we kept in mind while creating the Most Fragrant Daffodil Collection. Spring Cheer ™ Daffodil arrives first as a sign of blooms to come, then all through mid spring, the rest of the collection will begin to appear. Quail Daffodil will stay bright and vibrant for the majority of mid to late spring and end in a duet with Original Poet's Daffodil in late spring. This range of bloom times ensures you have a well-balanced and long-lasting display. Southern Belles Mainly, daffodils are considered to be best for Northern gardens, thanks to their love of cooler weather. But the beauties in this collection are perfectly happy in Southern gardens, growing vigorously all the way down to zone 8. Where to Grow The perfect flower for naturalizing, daffodil blooms look best in abundance. Not only does this collection include 50 high-quality bulbs, but most of the varieties produce more than one flower per stem-to ensure that wherever you plant them, your display is completely filled with cheery blooms. Daffodils are also great company in your perennial garden beds, as they deter rodents. And of course, be sure to take advantage of their delightful fragrance. You can plant them close to the house so you can open your windows to perfumed breezes, or line a path to make your garden strolls delightful. Make This Spring Sensational! When these perfumed blooms begin to appear, there'll be no doubt that spring is in the air! Fragrant daffodils can range from delicate and subtle to tantalizingly sweet. To make sure you get the full effect this spring, we've filled this collection with our most fragrant favourites-with scents even stronger than peonies! You can smell their perfume lingering on spring breezes, even from a distance. However, our suggestion is to place them closer to your home, giving you the best opportunity to breathe it all in. The Preferred Perfume of Spring! Breck's Most Fragrant Daffodil Collection brings a brighter spring right to your doorstep, with a total of 50 high-quality daffodil bulbs. Our experts have put together this remarkably fragrant assortment, boasting unique forms and a range of bloom times to give you a well-rounded display for an unbelievable price. Reserve your collection today and we will ship your premium bulbs at the perfect time for fall planting. This collection includes: 5 Original Poet's Daffodil: Delicate, romantically fragrant blooms intrigue with their unusual shape and colouration. The small but unique yellow cup is offset by a green throat and an edging of orange-red. Surrounding pristine white petals provide an artistic complement. Naturalizes like a dream. Height: 13-15" Blooms: Late Spring You get 5 bulbs, 13-15 cm. 20 Quail Daffodil: daffodils, luscious Quail infuses the fronts of borders and gardens with bursts of golden-yellow colour. Be sure to save a few blooms for sweet and sunny bouquets! Height: 16-18" Blooms: Mid to Late Spring You get 20 bulbs, 10-12 cm. 5 Spring Cheer ™ Daffodil: An amazing 15-20 scented blooms cover each stem of this unique daffodil! There's nothing else like it. A dazzling spring diva that's a star performer in pots and borders. Try a single stem in a vase for an instant arrangement. Height: 10-12" Blooms: Early to Mid Spring Narcissus 'Erlicheer' You get 5 bulbs, 13+ cm. 10 Exotic Mystery Daffodil: This totally unique variety is the closest you'll find to true green. It brings mystery and delight to the garden with its slightly reflexed petals that open to create an exotic look amidst traditional daffs and springtime perennials. Exceptional flower power with 2-3 perfumed blooms per stem! Height: 14-16" Blooms: Mid to Late Spring You get 10 bulbs, 10-12 cm. 10 Kedron Daffodil: This fragrant charmer boasts copper petals with a wide, vibrant orange corona. An impressive variety with up to 3 flowers per stem, creating a full and lush display. Height: 12-14" Blooms: Mid to Late Spring You get 10 bulbs, 10-12 cm. more
    1 for $91.27
  • Legerdemain Bearded Iris
    Legerdemain Bearded Iris
    1 for $20.99 $13.99
  • Sordid Lives Bearded Iris
    Sordid Lives Bearded Iris
    1 for $19.99 $12.99
  • Owyhee Desert Bearded Iris
    Owyhee Desert Bearded Iris
    1 for $20.99 $13.99
  • Orange Daiquiri Dwarf Bearded Iris
    Orange Daiquiri Dwarf Bearded Iris
    1 for $19.99 $12.99
  • My Oh My Bearded Iris
    My Oh My Bearded Iris
    1 for $19.99 $12.99
  • All Night Long Bearded Iris
    All Night Long Bearded Iris
    1 for $19.99 $12.99
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