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Calla Lilies (4)

Indulge your taste for luxury with the beguiling beauty of Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia). Although not a true lily, these exquisite flowers have long been favourites of gardeners and floral designers. Our summer-flowering calla lilies feature large, bell-shaped flowers with wide petals and a strong fragrance. Each large, elegant funnel-shaped bloom is formed from a single luminous, waxy petal that wraps around a spiky pistil. The arrowhead shaped leaves and long, smooth stems add to the lily's artistic appeal.

These dramatic flowers are surprisingly easy to grow. Plant your calla lily bulbs in the spring, 6 inches deep and 12 inches apart in loose, well-drained soil. Calla lilies thrive in full sun to part shade. Once planted, they require little maintenance other than regular watering. Sleek, gorgeous flowers bloom in mid to late summer on stems reaching from 1 to 3 feet tall.

Because of their extravagant, exotic appearance, Calla lilies are striking when planted in masses by themselves. Some gardeners create stunning backdrops by planting calla lilies behind shorter flowers, giving their beds a tropical look. Because calla lilies flower in so many brilliant colours, there is a variety to complement almost any landscaping scheme. White calla lilies are a perfect accompaniment to black-eyed Susans or other taller summer flowers, while red calla lilies look magnificent placed amongst or near black callas and daisies. Their splendid, sweeping curves add a note of luxury wherever they appear. Bring elegance and artistry to your own home or garden with the graceful, lavish splendour of these exceptional Callas!

  • Odessa® Calla Lily
    Odessa® Calla Lily
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  • Cantata Calla Lily Blend
    Cantata Calla Lily Blend
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  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Calla Lily Mixture
    Calla Lily Mixture
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    Spectacular hybrids will set your garden ablaze with a dazzling palette of vibrant colours. These top performers are brighter and more intense than any other callas we know for the garden. Top-quality bulbs produce several stems, each topped with a breathtaking bloom. Gorgeous in patio planters. Superb as cut flowers. Plant 12-15" apart. Zantedeschia more
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  • Red Alert® Calla Lily
    Red Alert® Calla Lily
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