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Create your own tropical retreat with the gorgeous hibiscus. The brilliant flowers and lush foliage of these hardy, low-maintenance plants will bring warmth and colour to your garden for many weeks during their summer blooming season. Expect to share your hibiscus with hummingbirds and butterflies; they love the brilliant blossoms. Relax and enjoy your summer garden amid the massive, colourful flowers produced by these perennials.

Hibiscus plants bloom from mid summer to early fall, producing several generations of 7 to 10 inch, disk- or trumpet-shaped flowers. Crimson, magenta, and plum varieties make spectacular specimen plants, while delicate pink and elegant white varieties, planted in groups, create masses of softer colour. If your garden space is limited, use container-planted hibiscus to create a bright oasis on your patio. When selecting locations, be sure you allow adequate space for these plants. Many varieties are 4 to 5 feet tall and spread to 60 inches.

The bright blossoms of the hardy hibiscus add a tropical note to any garden or patio. Use their lush foliage as a green backdrop for early summer bulbs, or place one or two in patio containers, and light up your summer gatherings. Plant several as a hedge to create an intimate haven or fill an unused corner with a single vibrant specimen. There's a place in any garden for the magnificent hibiscus plant. Bring intense colour to your outdoor spaces with these beautiful blossoms.

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  • Berry Awesome Hibiscus
    Berry Awesome Hibiscus
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  • Vintage Wine Hibiscus
    Vintage Wine Hibiscus
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  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Midnight Marvel Hibiscus
    Midnight Marvel Hibiscus
    Thick, leathery foliage in a luscious winepurple colour. Huge, 8–9" flowers in pure red positively glow... more
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  • Ballet Slippers Hibiscus
    Ballet Slippers Hibiscus
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  • Breck's® Exotic Hibiscus Collection
    Breck's® Exotic Hibiscus Collection
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  • Cherry Choco Latte Hibiscus
    Cherry Choco Latte Hibiscus
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  • Cranberry Crush Hibiscus
    Cranberry Crush Hibiscus
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  • Holy Grail Hibiscus
    Holy Grail Hibiscus
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  • Airbrush Effect Hibiscus
    Airbrush Effect Hibiscus
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