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Gladiolus, also called "sword lilies, are simple to grow and perfect for summer cut arrangements. Glads are also simple to divide and replant, making them a perfect flower for sharing with fellow gardeners!

Give your summers a brilliant burst of colour and abundance with gladiolus bulbs. These perennial flowers are well known for their height and showy blooms. With varietals ranging from 2 to 6 feet tall, all presenting neatly tiered blossoms, they are a favourite for cutting gardens and floral arrangements. Colours range from soft pastels to bold jewel tones in both solids and bi-colours, making gladioli a versatile addition to any design. Choose individual varieties as a delightful colour contrast to existing plantings or browse our collections for a ready-made rainbow of hues.

When planting gladiolus bulbs, bear in mind that they are winter hardy in zones 7 to 10. If you live in zones 3 to 7, lift the bulbs in autumn. These flowers prefer full sun, but will accept partial shade. Gladioli are tolerant of clay, loam and sand, and thrive in any well-drained soil enhanced with a little mulch. Plant your gladiolus bulbs in the spring, about 6 inches deep and 3 to 4 inches apart. Taller varieties may need staking, so consider this when planting. Our Dutch-sourced bulbs are carefully selected for their hardiness, so you can look forward to these perennial flowers returning to grace your garden year after year. Most varieties bloom from early to midsummer.

With their mid-season bloom, gladiolus bulbs make an excellent transition between late spring bloomers like iris and fall's dahlias and asters. Create a continuously blooming bed by combining various heights of these flowers. Gladioli also make a stunning presentation when planted en masse along back borders or in tidy rows along fence lines. We recommend placing them in areas that are protected from strong winds. Smaller varieties of gladiolus make excellent container plants that require very little care. Place them along patios and porches for striking displays. Liven up your summer days with an assortment of colourful gladiolus bulbs.

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  • Glamini® Gladiolus Mixture
    Glamini® Gladiolus Mixture
  • Glamini® Glads Mixture Super Sak®
    Glamini® Glads Mixture Super Sak®
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  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Deluxe Dutch Glads Mixture
    Deluxe Dutch Glads Mixture
    A bouquet on each stem! Dutch glads are among the most popular summer flowers throughout Europe and America. Our superior-quality bulbs from Holland's leading growers produce stunning satiny blooms in vibrant colours. Magnificent for cut-flower bouquets and easy to grow, this professionally selected mixture is fully guaranteed. Plant bulbs 4-6" apart in a sunny location. Gladious. more
    25 for $28.99 $19.99
  • Byzantinus Gladiolus
    Byzantinus Gladiolus
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  • Deluxe Glads Mixture Super Sak
    Deluxe Glads Mixture Super Sak
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  • Royal Glamini® Gladiolus Blend
    Royal Glamini® Gladiolus Blend
    10 for $35.98
  • Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    Glamini® Gladiolus Collection
    50 for $56.65 $29.99
  • Traderhorn Gladiolus
    Traderhorn Gladiolus
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  • Purple Flora Gladiolus
    Purple Flora Gladiolus
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