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Dress up your yard with the exquisite lines and enduring elegance of Daylilies (Hemerocallis). These enchanting perennials range in colour from sunny yellows and blushing pinks to deep purples and electric greens. They may be of the classic, graceful trumpet shape or they may have the slender, reaching petals of spider varieties. Because different varieties have different blooming periods, it's possible to enjoy the beauty and charm of these splendid flowers from spring until fall in an ever-changing display of styles and colours.

Because daylilies come in so many shapes, sizes and colours, there is one to fit any landscaping scheme. Consider your needs and preferences when browsing daylilies for sale. Smaller, compact types are ideal for borders, lining sidewalks or in low flower beds. Because of their long, slender, grasslike leaves, taller varieties are perfect for planting amongst ornamental grasses or for placement at the back of a yard or flower bed. Daylilies are an excellent choice for planting on berms as, once established, their roots tend to keep soil in place and discourage erosion.

Pale yellow, pink and other pastel daylilies love bright, sunny areas where their colours brighten and intensify. Place fragrant varieties near decks or patios, or even near windows, so their scent may be enjoyed. Daylilies have an important place in the cutting garden, too: they are unsurpassed in arrangements. Explore the myriad of choices and light up your home with some of these exceptionally versatile, beautiful flowers.

Daylilies can be planted as bareroots and require little care to rebloom season after season. Their assortment of colours and shapes - from the classic tiger lily to double blooms in candy colours - these flowers are some of the most versatile!

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  • Constant Colour Reblooming Daylily Collection
    Constant Colour Reblooming Daylily Collection
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    Passion For Red Reblooming Daylily
    Passion For Red Reblooming Daylily
    Incredibly colourful and a snap to grow almost anywhere. Massive blooms up to 7" across make this one of the b... more
    1 for $17.99 $7.99
  • Blackthorne Reblooming Daylily
    Blackthorne Reblooming Daylily
    1 for $17.99 $7.99
  • Stella de Oro Reblooming Daylily
    Stella de Oro Reblooming Daylily
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  • Renie's Delight Reblooming Daylily
    Renie's Delight Reblooming Daylily
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  • Dragon Flight Reblooming Daylily
    Dragon Flight Reblooming Daylily
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  • Entrapment Reblooming Daylily
    Entrapment Reblooming Daylily
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