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Want giant blooms in purple, pink, red or orange? Dinnerplate dahlias feature blooms up to 12 inches across! And, these firecracker flowers aren't only available in giant sizes - we carry miniature dahlias, too. From Lilliputian miniature flowers to taller-than-the-gardener dinnerplate varieties, dahlias are a versatile summer favorite. Check out our hardy, easy-to-grow dahlias in all their bright colors!

Dahlias are technically tubers, and the time to put them in the ground is mid-April through May. As you browse our dahlia bulbs for sale, pay attention to the height and size of the flowers you prefer. You will find 12-inch types that work well for a low lying splash of colour. There are types of Dutch dahlia bulbs with 10-inch blooms and many with blooms between 4-8 inches. We carry collerattes, pompons, balls, cactus, orchid types, some with dark foliage and a huge variety of colours. From low 12-inch growing borders to the towering 10-inch dinner plate dahlia and the many variations in between, dahlia bulbs for sale offer you the ability to paint your garden in a mirage of colour. Choose types by height, petal type and colour to have your garden come alive at all levels.

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  • Emperor Dahlia
    Emperor Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $11.99
  • Zoey Rey Dahlia
    Zoey Rey Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $11.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Decorative Dahlia Mixture
    Decorative Dahlia Mixture
    Gorgeous assortment of colourful, chrysanthemum-like giants. Perky decorative dahlias will enhance your garden with bold, colourful flowers all summer and well into autumn. This balanced mixture of bright red, pink, purple, yellow, orange and bicolours has been hand picked by Breck's® Dutch bulb experts to assure plants with similar height and similar-size 5-7" blooms. Ideal for borders as well as in the cutting garden. Plant 2-3' apart in full sun to partial shade. Guaranteed to bloom in American gardens. more
    5 for $42.99 $26.99
  • Jowey Cherbourg Dahlia
    Jowey Cherbourg Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $11.99
  • Seniors Dream Dahlia
    Seniors Dream Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $11.99
  • Maarten Zwaan® Karma Dahlia
    Maarten Zwaan® Karma Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $15.99
  • American Dawn Dahlia
    American Dawn Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $15.99
  • Islander Dahlia
    Islander Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $11.99
  • Red Empire Dahlia
    Red Empire Dahlia
    2 for $23.99 $11.99
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