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Clematis (16)

Clematis plants are among the classic flowering vines, and for good reason! Plant clematis near a wall, trellis or fence, and these prolific blooms will keep coming. Try classic purple clematis, or experiment with white, pink and bicolored clematis!

Transform your yard with gorgeous Clematis vines. The sight of these prolific perennial climbers will add sunny cheer to any garden. With over 300 species, there are a huge variety of cultivars. We're pleased to offer some of the easiest to care for and hardiest types, hand selected for vigour and beauty by our Dutch growers. Choose from solid and multi-coloured blooms in an array of sizes and petal shapes. Our selection even includes reblooming varieties.

Unlike some woody vining plants, clematis won't harm your trees or structures. Clematis vines look exquisite in archways, fences and trellises. We recommend lining structures with netting or mesh, giving the vines something to cling to so they can spread more easily. Plant them along covered walks, so you are welcomed with a plethora of beautifully coloured blooms as you walk through. Some varieties make excellent flowering ground covers. Others can be trained to climb trees and shrubs. Small varieties do well in containers and make attractive additions to porches and balconies. Create a wonderland of colours with clematis plants.

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  • Miss Bateman Clematis Vine
    Miss Bateman Clematis Vine
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  • Rhapsody Clematis Vine
    Rhapsody Clematis Vine
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    Cool Clematis Collection
    Cool Clematis Collection
    Give your garden a touch of the blues! This ultra-cool collection features high-climbing clematis in complementary colours. Get Reacquainted With Garden Royalty When it comes to dressing up a lamp post, mailbox or arbor, nothing beats clematis. Aptly nicknamed "Queen of the Climbers," its wide, welcoming blooms draw the eye wherever the vigorous vine wanders, adding natural beauty to everything it touches. You may think of showy clematis as a garden soloist, but the truth is clematis vines thrive with a perennial companion. Clematis love the warm sun on their tops but prefer cool feet, which makes them the perfect partner plants for roses, hardy geraniums, daylilies and more. Using their garden companions like a trellis, your clematis will go on an unstructured adventure—scaling tall shrubs and crawling across low-growing ground covers with ease. Vibrant and Versatile Vines… Clematis has been a familiar sight in American gardens for generations. A lovely trailing habit allows it to scale walls and other objects with ease, creating vertical interest almost anywhere. Clematis are also ideal for containers—just add a small trellis or stake to your favourite pot and put it on the back deck, balcony or screened-in porch. Make A Floral Friend For Life! All the varieties in this offer are classified as Pruning Group 2. This means they are able to produce flowers on old wood in early summer and new wood in the fall. Plan your plantings with this two-part blooming season in mind. Check out the individual heights shown for each clematis. The shorter varieties are your best choice for containers, and taller ones can ascend up a full-size trellis or privacy fence. The varieties we've curated for our Pretty Companions Clematis Collections are all long-lived, vigorous growers and reliable, repeat bloomers. Each vine will happily share the spotlight as it climbs up or crawls over whatever it's paired with in your garden. Flower Width: 4-7". This collection includes 1 each of the following varieties. Rhapsody Clematis: When the early-summer sun shines bright, the rich sapphire-blue blooms of the award-winning Rhapsody Clematis appear. Beautifully hued upon their debut, these gorgeous single flowers intensify in colour as they age on the vine! It's like having two distinctly different plants growing together in one location. It's also classified as Pruning Group 2, so the fall season brings a second round of flowers that will have pollinators flocking to your landscape. This relatively short, yet vigorous grower is perfect for planting in containers or for use as an exceptional ground cover. The blooms are full and profuse, leaving no bare spots on the 4–5' vine. Rhapsody is an easy-to-grow variety that requires very little attention to maintain its incomparable good looks. Winner of the 2002 RHS Garden of Merit award. Classification: Pruning Group 2. Miss Bateman Clematis: Big, icy white flowers of substantial size cover the verdant vines of this dramatic, award-winning clematis. A pale green stripe on the back of each wide petal fades with age, leaving a pretty pink tint behind. Centres are accented with rich chocolate-red anthers that stand out against the snowy blooms. With a robust, compact growth habit, Miss Bateman exhibits exceptional performance in containers or trailing across a wide area near tree lines and foundations. Reaching heights of up to 7', it also does very well when trained to a trellis or fence post. Butterflies and hummingbirds love the abandon with which Rhapsody grows, providing them with prolific blooms two times a year—in early summer and again in fall! Winner of the 1993 RHS Garden of Merit award. Classification: Pruning Group 2. H.F. Young Clematis: Fences, arbors and trellises shine with the massive, 6–9" blooms of H.F. Young! A prolific flowering clematis that bears medium blue blossoms with contrasting cream-coloured stamens, this repeat bloomer brings beauty to the garden in early summer and fall. Though it grows to a towering 8' in height, it can also be used in containers for a portable pop of colour throughout the landscape. Or let it roam free as an exotic ground cover, spreading its plentiful flowers along tree lines, foundations or rockeries. Very easy to grow with a vigorous habit and a carefree nature, H.F. Young is fairly teeming with double blooms during the spring season, and if it's pruned you'll be rewarded with a second round of single blooms in the fall! Beneficial pollinators love the colour and beauty… and you will too! Classification: Pruning Group 2.more
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  • H.F.Young Clematis Vine
    H.F.Young Clematis Vine
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  • Double Clematis Collection
    Double Clematis Collection
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  • Shin Shigyoku Clematis
    Shin Shigyoku Clematis
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  • Isago Clematis
    Isago Clematis
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  • Innocent Glance Clematis
    Innocent Glance Clematis
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  • Blue Explosion Clematis
    Blue Explosion Clematis
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