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Carpet Border Lilies (13)

How low can you go - and still have beautiful flowers? Our carpet lilies work fantastically as ground cover, while still bringing excitement to your bulb garden.

Carpet lilies embrace many of the low, sunny areas in the garden. They provide a monumental number of flowers and greet the summer every year with more blooms. While these friendly little gems only grow to a short height, they provide full-sized fragrance. Carpet border lilies create an effect like a red carpet in your garden, and when used to line both sides of a walkway, they welcome all who walk through the space.

Plant your carpet lilies in the early springtime, and allow a little less than a foot between each plant. They grow best in the hardiness zones from 3 to 8 and require well-drained soil for healthy growth. While these short stalks typically grow to less than a foot in height, they need to be planted six inches deep to develop a robust root structure.

Carpet border lilies need attention only late into the autumn, when you can prune away dried stalks. You may remove faded flowers earlier in the season, but ensure that the stalks remain intact as long as possible. Late in the season, these plants rely on stalks for nutrients to support the next season's blooms. All carpet lilies thrive best in full or near-full sunlight, so keep them out of constant shade. Instead, consider lining walkways and major paths in the sunniest areas of the garden. They pair well with other decorative and delicate border flowers, especially those near the same height.

With a large quantity of colorful flowers, these carpet lilies serve provide engaging scents and soft hues. Their flowers drink up sunlight, and they rely on their short stems for support through the entire season. As a plentiful bloomer, each flower offers intricate petals that multiply with each passing year. Find carpet lilies to line the borders in your garden and enjoy the fragrance of summer.

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  • Starlight Magic Oriental Carpet Border Lily™
    Starlight Magic Oriental Carpet Border Lily
  • Oriental Carpet Border Lily™ Mixture
    Oriental Carpet Border Lily Mixture
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    Carpet Border Lily<sup>™</sup> Mixture
    Carpet Border Lily Mixture
    Colourful, full-size blooms on short stems. Roll out a luxurious carpet of colour-saturated Asiatic lilies. Hardy buds in red, pink, white and yellow top strong stems. Although shorter than full-sized Asiatic lilies, the flower size is the same. Plant in a well-drained, undisturbed location, and they'll return year after year. Lilium Asiatic more
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    Sunset Carpet Border Lily Mixture
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    White Carpet Border Lilies
  • Starlight Magic Oriental Carpet Border Lily™
    Starlight Magic Oriental Carpet Border Lily
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  • Starlight Express® Oriental Carpet Border Lily™
    Starlight Express® Oriental Carpet Border Lily
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  • Sugar Baby Carpet Border Lily™
    Sugar Baby Carpet Border Lily
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