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Begonias (30)

Begonias are much a sign of summer as cookouts and the ice cream truck! Add our flashy red, yellow, pink or orange begonias to your garden. Or, plant in containers for a pretty patio.

We adore begonia bulbs for summer gardens. They leaf and flower in a range of colours, and their tolerance for shade makes them an excellent choice for a variety of placements. Their flowers bloom into whites and warm colours, adding a sense of tropical beauty to a range of growth zones. Add begonia bulbs to the garden for beds of colour amid rich green leaves. In gardens that provide some shade, these beautiful plants thrive in areas with minimal direct sunlight. Whether you place them in baskets or arrange them in beds, begonia bulbs emerge with fresh colours during the warmest months of the year.

Hardy begonias grow well in zones 3 to 10. If you live in zones 3 to 7, be sure to lift them in the autumn seasons to keep them flowering year after year. With this in mind, you may grow planting begonia bulbs in any well-drained soil; just allow about a foot between each plant and plant them about 4 inches deep. Begonia bulbs thrive in shaded areas, and their rich colours make them an excellent choice for those dark pockets of the yard that get half sunlight during the day.

Begonia bulbs come into bloom during the summer months and offer a variety of options for the garden. You may plant them in containers or in beds of their own--many gardeners prefer to separate them into unique bundles of a single varietal. Begonia flowers often stand between six and 12 inches tall but some varieties reach close to two feet, and they provide a base layer of foliage when planted in groups.

Begonias are available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes - you'll enjoy our picotee and double blooming varieties, as well as our cascading begonias for hanging baskets!

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  • Picotee Begonia Mixture
    Picotee Begonia Mixture
    5 for $45.99 $19.99
  • Bertinii Everblooming Begonia
    Bertinii Everblooming Begonia
    1 for $23.99 $8.99
  • Gardeners' Favourite

    Prima Donna<sup>™</sup> Begonia Collection
    Prima Donna Begonia Collection
    Big flowers for a big show Not long ago, our team of buyers Took our annual tour of test gardens Around Noordwijkerhout, our home Base here in Holland. About a two hour Drive away in neighbouring Belgium, we discovered something That really took our breath away! Prima donna ™ begonias are some of the most prolific and largest begonia Flowers we have ever seen, even After so many years in the business. Of course, when we saw them, we Instantly realized how popular they Could become in the united states. We couldn't wait to make them available To our customers who appreciate Something a little more dramatic. Give these lovely giants centre stage In your garden, and you'll soon see Why we call them 'prima donna' as They steal the limelight from all other shade-growing perennials! Deserve Centre Stage in Your Garden Exquisite Colours The eye-catching hues of our Prima Donna Begonias are unlike anything you have ever seen. An incredible mix of soft solid colours and luscious two toned combinations will add a European flavour to your garden scene. Outstanding Value Breck's ™ is the leading exporter of Holland's finest bulbs and plants for American gardens. Because we export in such large quantities, we can afford to offer you a very competitive price for these fabulous plants. Easy to Grow! Begonias bloom all summer and fall until the first frost, and thrive without being pampered. They are ideal for partial or full shade, but may even be grown in sun. Plant 1" deep (just below the surface) in moist soil with the hollow side up. In beds and borders, plant tubers about 10" apart. For early blooming, start your begonias indoors and transplant when the plants are 2-3" high and danger of frost has passed. Pinch off side buds to produce larger blooms. During the summer, don't worry about pruning the many blossoms because when new blooms appear, old ones simply drop off! If you live in a cold climate, lift and store the tubers in a dry, dark and frost-free location for winter. Replant in the spring for an all-new explosion of colour. Giant 6-8" ruffled double blooms stand out atop strong 16-20" stems. In fact, these are the very largest of all upright begonias. Each bloom offers double the usual number of flower petals, all elegantly ruffled, spiraling toward a tight whirl of intense colour at the centre. These flowers are utterly charming in containers of all types — pots, pedestal planters, window boxes, whiskey barrels—and add extra flair around the patio, walkways or under shady trees. This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties: • Pink • Orange • Red • Picotee Yellow with Redmore
    8 for $51.96 $19.99
  • Switzerland Begonia
    Switzerland Begonia
    3 for $24.99 $15.69
  • Everblooming Begonia Mixture
    Everblooming Begonia Mixture
    5 for $42.99 $26.99
  • White-Red Crispa Marginata Begonia
    White-Red Crispa Marginata Begonia
    3 for $26.99 $14.69
  • Wow!™ Hanging Begonia
    Wow! Hanging Begonia
    1 for $18.99 $8.99
  • Double Begonia Mixture Super Sak®
    Double Begonia Mixture Super Sak®
    8 for $59.99 $17.99
  • Cascading Splendor Begonia
    Cascading Splendor Begonia
    3 for $28.99 $12.99
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